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Over one hundred documents relating to Jonson's life, freshly transcribed from the original sources, together with a biographical essay, portrait images, and selections from the earliest written accounts of his life.

A comprehensive archive of 479 documents relating to the performance of Jonson's masques, freshly transcribed from original sources in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch.

A selective archive of documents alluding to Jonson during the period 1598-1700, including tributary verse, early criticism of the works, and references to Jonson the man.

A survey of the most significant works which, over time, have been ascribed to Jonson, including edited texts of 39 poems, the additions to The Spanish Tragedy, and part of Sir Walter Ralegh's The History of the World.

The 'Foot Voyage' is a recently-discovered account of Jonson's celebrated walk from London to Edinburgh in the summer of 1618, providing a narrative of where he went, whom he met and what he did on the way.