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Volpone, Covent Garden Company

Play: Volpone

Theatre City:Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, London

Date:26 Nov. 1771

Company:Covent Garden Company

Principal Manager: George Colman, Thomas Harris

Principal Actors:Smith (Volpone), Bensley (Mosca), Hull (Voltore), Clarke (Corvino), Shuter (Corbaccio), Kniveton (Sir Politic), R. Smith (Peregrine), Wroughton (Bonario), Mrs Gardner (Lady Politic), Miss Miller (Celia)

Source Or Contemporary Comment: General Evening Post , 26-8 Nov. 1771: 'The Comedy of Volpone, revived last night at Covent-garden theatre, might give great satisfaction when Ben Johnson wrote it, but, in our opinion, it will now meet with very moderate success; the frauds practised by Volpone are easily seen through, and many of them are egregiously gross and absurd.'

London Stage Reference:Part 4: 1588

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