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Bart. Fair, His Majesty's Company of Comedians

Play: Bart. Fair

Theatre City:Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London

Date:28 June 1715

Company: His Majesty's Company of Comedians

Principal Manager:Colley Cibber, Barton Booth, Robert Wilks

Principal Actors:Miller (Cokes), Mills (Quarlous), Johnson (Wasp), Bickerstaff (Busy), Shepherd (Overdo), Ryan (Shepherd), Norris (Littlewit), Quin (Winwife), Cross (Ursula), Birkhead (Nightingale), Mrs Saunders (Mrs Littlewit), Miss Willis (Mrs Wellborn). With singing by Miss Booth, the 'Mimick Song of the Country-Life' by Mrs Willis, and dancing by Mr Prince and others

Source Or Contemporary Comment: Daily Courant , 28 June 1715

London Stage Reference:Part 2: 361

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