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The Alchemist, Stratford Festival, Canada, 12 June-30 Oct. 1999, Stratford Festival Company

Play: The Alchemist

Theatre / City:Stratford Festival, Canada

Dates:12 June-30 Oct. 1999

Company:Stratford Festival Company

Director / Producer: Douglas Campbell

Actors:Subtle - Keith Dinicol; Face - Benedict Campbell; Dol Common - Diane D'Aquila; Mammon - James Blendick; Surly - Bradford Farwell; Damien Atkins; Michael Therriault; Ian Deakin; Robert Benson

Archives:Ohio State University

Reviews / Production History: David Murray, Financial Times , 28 July 1999; Royal Ward, Shakespeare Bulletin , (Spring 2000), 36-7; Martin F. Kohn, '"Alchemist" can't turn play to gold', Detroit Free Press , 25 June 1999, <>; John Coulbourn, 'Alchemist is gold-plated', Toronto Sun , 24 June 1999 <>

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