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Poet., Apothecaries' Hall/Small Theatre, Royal Albert Hall, 26-27 Apr. 1916, Elizabethan Stage Society

Play: Poet.

Theatre / City:Apothecaries' Hall/Small Theatre, Royal Albert Hall

Dates:26-27 Apr. 1916

Company:Elizabethan Stage Society

Director / Producer: William Poel

Actors:Caesar - I. Greenleaf; Mecoenas - S. Geoffries; Ovid - G. Rees; Marcus Ovid - Y. Pienne; Tibullus - C. H. Morgan; Cornelius Gallus - M. James ; Virgil - E. D. Rees; Horace - F. Allardy; Lupus - G. Brunswick; Tucca - B. Dyne; Luscus - C. Telford; Crispinus - M. Carey; Hermogenes - I. Hearne; Albius - A. Lubimoff; Minos - W. Fairbairn; Histrio - K. Harrison ; Lictors - C. Renaud & L. Simpson; Julia - V. Foucheux; Cytheris - O. A. Jettley; Plautia - P. Bryan; Chloe - I. Hayter

Archives:Theatre Museum London (Programme)

Reviews / Production History:

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