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Epicene, Shakespeare Theatre, Washington D.C., 21 Jan. 2003-9 Mar. 2003

Play: Epicene

Theatre / City: Shakespeare Theatre, Washington D.C.

Dates:21 Jan. 2003-9 Mar. 2003


Director / Producer: Michael Kahn

Actors:Morose - Ted van Griethuysen; Epicene - Ricki Robichaux; La Foole - Floyd King ; Scott Ferrara; Bruce Turk; Daniel Breaker; David Sabin; Nancy Robinette; John Livingstone Rolle; Gregg Almquist; Naomi Jacobson; Nikki E. Walker; Amanda Whiting


Reviews / Production History: Peter Marks, '"The Silent Woman": Raucous Entertainment', Washington Post , 28 Jan. 2003, p. C1 <>; Melton (2003)

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