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Eastward Ho, Brattle Hall, Cambridge, Mass. & Bijou Theatre, Boston, 14, 16-17 Apr. 1903, Delta Upsilon Fraternity

Play:Eastward Ho

Theatre / City:Brattle Hall, Cambridge, Mass. & Bijou Theatre, Boston

Dates:14, 16-17 Apr. 1903

Company:Delta Upsilon Fraternity

Director / Producer: John T. Malone

Actors:Touchstone - J. D. Williams; Mistress Touchstone - Elijah Swift; Gertrude - Edward F. Breed; Mildred - Daniel C. Manning; Quicksilver - J. T. Hoguet; Golding - H. C. De Long; Flash - S. B. Hall; Security - F. E. Ames; Bramble - F. R. Fitzpatrick


Reviews / Production History: H&S, 9.195

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