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The Alchemist, Cleveland Public Theatre, 25 May-17 June 2001, Bad Epitaph Theater Company

Play: The Alchemist

Theatre / City:Cleveland Public Theatre

Dates:25 May-17 June 2001

Company:Bad Epitaph Theater Company

Director / Producer: Lawrence Nehring

Actors:Subtle - Nick Koesters; Face - Brian Pedaci; Dol Common - Heather N. Stout; Mammon - Curtis D. Proctor; Ananias - Allen Branstein; Lovewit - Mark Cipra; Dame Pliant - C. D. D. Dubinsky; Surly - Sabrina Gibbar; Tribulation - Cat R. Kenney; Dapper - Keith Kornajcik; Kastril - John Moore; Drugger - Jacob Novak


Reviews / Production History:Production website: <>

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