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Performance Archive

The performance archive documents the performance and adaptation of Jonson’s plays down to the present. It consists of a complete calendar of all known revivals and numerous adaptations on film, TV, and radio; individual essays on each play for which a stage history can be written; an essay discussing several key adaptations; and a selection of images from productions, primarily drawn from the archives of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Show more  



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# Title
1381 [Volpone], The Pit, Barbican, London, 1984,
1382 Turn the Age to Gold [The Alchemist], 1985, Book by John Murrell
1383 Volpone [Volpone], 1985, Gunduz Kalic
1384 [Every Man in His Humour], RSC, Mermaid Theatre, London, 1987,
1385 [The Devil is an Ass], BBC Radio 3, 1987, Peter Barnes
1386 [The Magnetic Lady], BBC Radio 3, 1987, Peter Barnes
1387 [Bartholomew Fair], Royal National Theatre, London, 1988,
1388 Il Volpone [Volpone], 1988, Leonardo Benvenuti and Piero De Bernardi
1389 Volpone, or The Three Card Trick [Volpone], Meridian Theatre Co at the Granary Theatre, Cork, 1988, Johnny Hanrahan
1390 Morde Khor [Volpone], First Ritual and Traditional Theatre Festival, Vahdat Hall, Tehran, Iran, 1989, Mehdi Momayezan
1391 The Scoundrel [The Alchemist], Gem Theatre, Garden Grove, 6 Oct. 1989, Gregory Mortensen
1392 [Volpone], The Almeida, London, 1990,
1393 [The Alchemist], The Barbican, London, 1992,
1394 La foire de la Saint-Barthélemy [Bartholomew Fair], 24 Apr. 1994, Antonine Maillet
1395 [Volpone], Royal National Theatre, London, 1995,
1396 Flesh Fly [Volpone], Vahdat Hall, Tehran, Iran, 1996, Trevor Lloyd
1397 [The Alchemist], Birmingham Repertory Theatre/Royal National Theatre, Cottesloe Theatre, London, 1996,
1398 [The Devil is an Ass], The Pit, Barbican, London, 1996,
1399 Shooting Fish [The Alchemist], 17 Oct. 1997, Stefan Schwartz and Richard Holmes
1400 The Alchemist [The Alchemist], Berkeley Repertory Theatre, 23 Feb. 2000, Joan Holden

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