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Performance Archive

The performance archive documents the performance and adaptation of Jonson’s plays down to the present. It consists of a complete calendar of all known revivals and numerous adaptations on film, TV, and radio; individual essays on each play for which a stage history can be written; an essay discussing several key adaptations; and a selection of images from productions, primarily drawn from the archives of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Show more  



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# Title
1 Volpone: Eine lieblose Komödie in drei Akten (A Loveless Comedy in Three Acts). [Volpone], Der Wiener Burgtheater, Vienna, 6 Nov. 1926, Stefan Zweig
2 Ben Jonson ’s ‘Volpone’: a Loveless Comedy in Three Acts [Volpone], 1928, Ruth Langner
3 Volpone [Volpone], Théâtre de l'Atelier, Paris, 23 Nov. 1928, Jules Romain
4 The Spanish Lady [The Devil is An Ass], 1933, Adaptation and composition by Edward Elgar, libretto by Barry Jackson
5 Tiburón [Volpone], 17 Apr. 1934 (USA), Juan Bustillo Oro
6 Die schweigsame Frau [Epicoene, or The Silent Woman], 1935, Composed by Richard Strauss, libretto by Stefan Zweig
7 Volpone [Volpone], 1941, Jules Romains, Stefan Zweig
8 [Volpone], 19 Mar. 1944, Eric Linklater
9 Don Simón de Lira [Volpone], 5 Dec. 1946, Julio Bracho
10 Rogues' Gallery [The Devil is An Ass], 1947, Ewan MacColl
11 [The Alchemist], BBC Radio, 29 Jan. 1951, Frank Hauser
12 The Mortimer Touch [The Alchemist], King's Theatre, Glasgow; Edinburgh Festival; Duke of York 's Theatre, London, 1952 ( Edinburgh ); 13 Feb. 1952 (Glasgow); 30 Apr. 1952 ( London ), Eric Linklater
13 Volpone [Volpone], 1952, Elisabeth Hauptmann and Benno Bessen, songs by Bertolt Brecht
14 [Volpone], 18 Feb. 1953, Arthur Goring and Derek Blomfield
15 Volpone [Volpone], Cherry Lane Theatre, New York, 1953, Composed by George Antheil, libretto by Alfred Perry
16 [Eastward Ho], 14 Mar. 1955, H. A. L Craig ('arranged by')
17 [Every Man in His Humour], 10 Oct. 1955, Mollie Greenhalgh
18 The Evil of the Day [Volpone], 1955, Thomas Sterling
19 [Volpone], 21 Feb. 1955, H. A. L. Craig
20 [Volpone], 17 Jun. 1957,

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