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Performance Archive

The performance archive documents the performance and adaptation of Jonson’s plays down to the present. It consists of a complete calendar of all known revivals and numerous adaptations on film, TV, and radio; individual essays on each play for which a stage history can be written; an essay discussing several key adaptations; and a selection of images from productions, primarily drawn from the archives of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Show more  



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1 EMI, Curtain Theatre, Shoreditch, London, Sept. 1598, Lord Chamberlain 's Men
2 EMO, Globe Theatre, London, Autumn/Winter 1599, Lord Chamberlain 's Men
3 Cynthia 's Revels, Blackfriars, London, 1600, Children of the Chapel
4 Poetaster, Blackfriars Theatre, London, 1601-2, Children of Her Majesty's Chapel
5 Sejanus, Globe Theatre, London, ?May 1603, King's Men
6 Eastward Ho, Second Blackfriars Theatre, London, Summer 1605, Children of the Queen 's Revels
7 Volpone, Globe Theatre, London, Mar. 1606, King's Men
8 Case is Altered, Blackfriars, London, 1609, Children of the Blackfriars
9 Epicene, Whitefriars, London, December 1609/January 1610, Children of the Queen 's Revels
10 Catiline, The Globe or Blackfriars, London, 1611, King's Men
11 Bart. Fair, Hope Theatre, Bankside, London, 31 Oct. 1614, Lady Elizabeth 's Men
12 Volpone, ?Globe Theatre, London, between 1615-19, King's Men
13 Devil, ?Blackfriars, London , and perhaps at Court, latter months of 1616, King's Men
14 Staple of News, Blackfriars Theatre, London, Feb. 1626, King's Men
15 New Inn, Blackfriars Theatre, London, 1629, King's Men
16 EMI, Blackfriars, London, 17 Feb. 1631, King's Men
17 The Alchemist, ?Blackfriars, London, 1 Dec. 1631, King's Men
18 Magnetic Lady, Blackfriars Theatre, London, 1632/33, King's Men
19 Catiline, ?The Globe or Blackfriars, London, 9 Nov. 1634, King's Men
20 Tale of a Tub, Phoenix /Cockpit, Drury Lane, London, 1634, Queen 's Company

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