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Contributors to the Print and Online Editions

Editorial Board

  • Martin Butler (General Editor)
  • David Bevington
  • Karen Britland
  • Ian Donaldson
  • David L. Gants
  • Eugene Giddens

Old-spelling texts and images prepared by David L. Gants


  • Susan Anderson, Research Assistant
  • Mira Assaf, Volpone stage history (with Richard Dutton)
  • Anne Barton, Contributing Editor: The Sad Shepherd (with Eugene Giddens)
  • Peter Beal, Manuscript Consultant
  • Kate Bennett, John Aubrey's Life of Jonson (Life Records)
  • Gabriele Bernhard Jackson, Contributing Editor: Poetaster
  • David Bevington, General Editor, Print Edition; Contributing Editor: Every Man In His Humour, 1598 quarto version and the 1616 folio version, and Epicene; General Introduction (with Martin Butler and Ian Donaldson); Actors, Companies, and Playhouses;
  • Karen Britland, Associate Editor; Contributing Editor: Mortimer His Fall; Performance Calendar (with Eugene Giddens); Masque Archive
  • Derek Britton, Linguistic Consultant; Contributing Editor: The English Grammar
  • Christopher Burlinson, Research Associate; Life Records; Jonson and Money
  • Colin Burrow, Contributing Editor: the poetry
  • Martin Butler, General Editor, Print Edition; Contributing Editor: The King's Entertainment, A Panegyre, Mercury Vindicated, The Golden Age Restored, Christmas His Masque, The Vision of Delight, Pleasure Reconciled to Virtue, For the Honour of Wales, Pan's Anniversary, The Masque of Augurs, Time Vindicated, Neptune's Triumph, and The Fortunate Isles; General Introduction (with David Bevington and Ian Donaldson); The Court Masque; Masquers and Tilters; Masque Archive; Stage History of the Court Masques, with Roger Savage; The Making of the Oxford Ben Jonson; The Riddle of Jonson's Chronology
  • Tom Cain, Contributing Editor: Sejanus
  • Katharine Craik, Research Associate; Masque Archive
  • John Creaser, Contributing Editor: Bartholomew Fair; essay on the folio texts printed in 1631 (F2(2))
  • Peter Culhane, Research Associate
  • John Cunningham, Music Editor
  • Orietta Da Rold, Research Associate
  • Ian Donaldson, General Editor, Print Edition; Contributing Editor: the Letters, Informations, and notes on the lost plays; General Introduction (with David Bevington and Martin Butler); Life of Ben Jonson; A Chronology of Jonson's Life and Work
  • Maria Dongu, Italian texts, Masque Archive
  • Richard Dutton, Contributing Editor: Volpone
  • Inga-Stina Ewbank, Contributing Editor: Catiline
  • David Gants, Electronic Editor, old-spelling texts; The Printing and Publishing of Ben Jonson's Works (with Tom Lockwood)
  • Eugene Giddens, Associate Editor; Contributing Editor: The Sad Shepherd (with Anne Barton); Life Records; Performance Calendar (with Karen Britland)
  • Simon Goldhill, Consultant on Greek
  • Suzanne Gossett, Contributing Editor: Eastward Ho! (with W. David Kay)
  • Peter Happé, Contributing Editor: A Tale of a Tub; textual essay on the 1640/1 folio
  • Karen Hearn, Portraits of Jonson
  • Peter Holland, Contributing Editor: The Alchemist (with William Sherman)
  • Lorna Hutson, Contributing Editor: Discoveries
  • Neil Jones, Legal Latin, Life Records
  • W. David Kay, Contributing Editor: Eastward Ho! (with Suzanne Gossett)
  • James Knowles, Contributing Editor: The Althorp Entertainment, A Private Entertainment at Highgate, The Two Kings' Entertainment, The Entertainment at Theobalds, The Merchant Taylors' Entertainment, Britain's Burse, Lovers Made Men, News from the New World, The Gypsies Metamorphosed (Burley and Windsor versions and Belvoir revisions), The Masque of Owls, Love's Triumph through Callipolis, Chloridia, The King's Entertainment at Welbeck, Love's Welcome at Bolsover, and notes on the lost entertainments
  • Hester Lees-Jeffries, Research Associate; Life Records
  • David Lindley, Contributing Editor: The Masque of Blackness, Hymenaei, The Masque of Beauty, The Haddington Masque, The Masque of Queens, Prince Henry's Barriers, Oberon, Love Freed, Love Restored, A Challenge at Tilt, The Irish Masque at Court
  • Tom Lockwood, The Printing and Publishing of Ben Jonson's Works (with David Gants); essays on the collected editions of 1692, 1716-17, 1756, and 1816
  • Joseph Loewenstein, Contributing Editor: The Staple of News
  • Randall Martin, Contributing Editor: Every Man Out of His Humour
  • Robert Miola, Contributing Editor: The Case Is Altered
  • David Money, Consultant on Latin
  • Lucy Munro, The Alchemist stage history
  • Helen Ostovich, Contributing Editor: The Magnetic Lady
  • Anthony Parr, Contributing Editor: The Devil Is an Ass
  • Eric Rasmussen, Contributing Editor: Cynthia's Revels (with Matthew Steggle)
  • Julie Sanders, Contributing Editor: The New Inn
  • Roger Savage, Stage History of the Court Masques, with Martin Butler
  • Will Sharpe, Research Assistant
  • William Sherman, Contributing Editor: The Alchemist (with Peter Holland)
  • Matthew Steggle, Contributing Editor: Cynthia's Revels (with Eric Rasmussen)
  • Janice Sutherland, Translator of the Latin text of Grammatica Anglicana for Derek Britton's edition of The English Grammar
  • Nick Tanner, Jonsonian Adaptations on Film and Television

†indicates that the contributor is deceased

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